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Nigerian Top 5 Most Viewed Music Video On YouTube



Nigerian Top 5 Most Viewed Music Video On YouTube 1

Music as it is have become one of the most precious thing a man can ever ask for. As they said; “Good music heals the soul.” and surely, it really does.

As time begins to unfold, generations passing by, innovation and more advanced/better way of expressing things, music have far gone through many ways in which people showcases it.

If we go back to time we are sure of not hearing things like Music Genres; which are the Hip Hop, Blues, Reggae, Juju, Afro Pop and so many others.

Nigerian Top 5 YouTube music videos

Moreover, these music genres has indeed make music more beautiful especially when it’s being showcase in videos, displaying various arts as well as dancing which I would say is the wife of music.

With the innovations we have now, music videos have been widely and more preferred to just mere audio.

Nigerian Top 5 YouTube music videos

The introduction of YouTube, Vskit, TokTik, and the rest, where you get the chance to share any video of your choice on these platforms with music video which also isn’t missing out.

Most music artists, if not all have really taken these platforms as a major means in which they showcase their new music video. Also gaining viewers from around the world as well as popularity for having the more views on their video.

Nigerian Top 5 YouTube music videos

YouTube being the most popular and used platform which gives great benefits; like allowing users to create channels for sharing their videos, ability for users to also subscribe to these channels, like & dislike a video and also share their point of view by giving users the opportunity to comment on these videos.

Nowadays, gaining popularity on social media has now become a great thing in humans especially for celebrities (music artists), who see this as a medium to standout from their co-artists.

Gaining popularity on YouTube is quite simple. It’s just by having huge amount of views, likes, comments and subscribers.

On this article, I will be emphasizing more of Nigerian music videos which are on the YouTube, also which are currently having the most viewed.

Here we go;

5. Come Closer – Wizkid (77M Views)

I will say, this song was truly spectacular. Sang by popular Nigerian singer and songwriter, Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun popularly known as Wizkid/StarBoy also featuring vocals from Canadian rapper and singer, Drake. Creating great waves, “Come Closer” was and is one of Nigeria’s top songs ever sang in history. It was released in March 31st, 2017.

4. Personally – P-Square (90M Views)

Also an old song which was indeed sang by the former duo group, P-Square (Paul & Peter Okoye) separately known as Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) and Mr. P (Peter Okoye). “Personally” surely was a great hit, released in June 21st, 2013. The song was also dedicated to Earth’s King of Pop, Michael Jackson with a lot of his moves and dressing code which was displayed on the video making it a remarkable one.

3. Pana – Tekno (98M Views)

“Pana” by Augustine Miles Kelechi, famously known by his stage Tekno Miles was released in July 2016. “Pana” truly won many hearts and also giving Tekno greater opportunities after its release. Alhaji Tekno really got some hit songs but this was more than a hit.

2. Johnny – Yemi Alade (104M Views)

Though an old song but since then “Johnny” has became a wildfire in some countries; Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana, South Africa, Liberia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, The United Kingdom and others. Sang by Yemi Alade also known as “Mama Africa” and released in October 14th, 2013.

1. Fall – Davido (130M Views)

Released June 2nd, 2017. “Fall” was sang by popular Nigerian singer, David Adeleke, widely known as Davido. According to Rolling Stone magazine, the song was one of the top 100 most Shazam’d singles in America in January 2019. On Billboard history, “Fall” became the longest charting Nigerian pop song.

Final Thoughts

Although songs listed here are quite old but these songs are really legendary, gaining so much attention (views) from world viewers on YouTube.

I’m sure there must be some with greater views but these are our collections basically on our own perspective.

Well, that’s the end of this article. Hope you really enjoyed yourself all along and sure of you coming back for another great piece like this.