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How It Works

9jaMobile Media is an online media platform with an affiliate system that pays you base on some specific activities performed on the site.

9jaMobile Income Programme (9IP), is an online income programme set aside to help people with some of their finance’s problem by converting their time, data and activities online to a meaningful venture.

Base on how the internet world is evolving and how money are been made online, we have crafted this platform in a way of exposing our users to the great benefits of using their smartphones, data, time and energy in making something great and worth achieving.

Becoming a registered member on this platform gives you the opportunity to make as much money as you can depending on how serious and ready you are.

Who Can Become A Member of 9jaMobile Media?

Anyone who wants to make money online can become a member, we accept membership from people in Nigeria for the now and one of our greatest priority is sharing this opportunity to the world.

How Can I Earn On 9jaMobile Income Programme?

There are two types of membership plan on this programme; Basic and Premium Plan.

Registration Fee:
Basic Plan ₦1,600
Premium Plan₦2,000



Being a Basic Member, you’re entitled to great benefits, where you earn;

  • ₦200 – Registration bonus.
  • ₦50 – Daily login bonus.
  • ₦100 – For each sponsored post you share on Facebook.
  • ₦50 – For each promoted music you download.
  • ₦20 – For viewing daily posts.
  • ₦10 – For sharing meaningful and insightful thoughts on daily posts.
  • ₦1,000 – Referral Bonus for each person you refer to 9jaMobile Income Programme that becomes an affiliate.


While that of a Premium Member is quite the same with that of a Basic Member but with extra benefits and opportunities like;

  • ₦1000 – For every approved content, genuinely written by you.
  • Ability to promote music on this site at lesser cost (payment are from your earnings on 9MPs).
  • Ability to place adverts on this site at a lesser cost too (payment are from your earnings on 9MPs).


How Can I Get Registered?

It’s very simple, simply click on the blue link below to get registered.


After this, you will be ask to input your coupon code on the first stage of registration.

Note: Online payments are not available for the main time. Please do click here to get details of our Coupon Code Distributors.

The second stage will be out when you click on the Proceed to Checkout button, after you might have applied your newly purchased coupon code.

Kindly fill the required details given to you and place your order and there you go, your account has been successfully registered.

Now login to your account with the details you provided and welcome to your dashboard enquired with everything you need to start making money.

Simply perform the required activities and refer others to 9jaMobile Media with your affiliate link. Your affiliate link is displayed inside your dashboard on the Marketing section.

Copy it and share with your friends for registration.

You earn ₦1,000 referral bonus for each successful signup!

How To Cash Out Your Earnings From 9jaMobile Income Programme?

There are two types of earnings on 9jaMobile Income Programme – Activities (which is recorded on your 9MPs) and Referral Earnings.

We’re on a 3months referral policy where you will need to have a minimum of ₦2,000 Referral Earnings with an addition of ₦2,500 from your Activities Earnings (9MPs).

The withdrawal portal opens every Friday of the first 2weeks of every month and payments are made on the following Sundays (which means you will be able to withdraw your funds twice a month)

Minimum withdrawal amount is ₦4,500 only.

There are more ways you can cash out your 9MPs funds, which will be discussed soon.